maanantai 24. maaliskuuta 2014


Sorry for LACK posting...Luckily the spring has come and I´m more keen on photographing.
Do you all know the feeling when dolls are boring? :/ Suffering.
  But, here is the Blythe. I almost hate them three years and then I saw something on Flickr and it´s gone. I don´t realize what happened but this is the result. I still prefer pullips and bjds...
Simply Lilac´s violet hair is nice but not gonna stay. I dealed her face with Army Painter.
But,enjoy! ^_^


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  1. Yes, she's a pretty girl, but like you I prefer BJD's. My 27 Blythes has now been reduced to 18 due to her loosing favour with me. Eventually I hope to sell all my Blythes and put the money towards more BJD's . . . there are so many on my wishlist now!! :)